Founder A&MC:

 Founder has 40 years of international management experience with Fortune 500 companies in several European countries.


Based on his Management (power of attorney) positions, mainly in Switzerland "HQ" (1979 - 1996) with Swiss & American blue chip companies European HQ, (St. Gallen, Zurich and Basel City *Upjohn Co,-Dow Chemical- Fluka Chemie - Chemische Fabrik Schweizerhal (Hoffmann L.Roche) in the segment of Pharma.- & Fine Chemicals. In Germany with Bayer Chemie and Lanxess.


A&MC its network and expertise offers their clients, reliable and sustainable "Synthesis Tailor Made" + Short and Long term Chemical solutions.


From the beginning of the 80's until now, he gained his expertise within the Pharmaceutical and Fine Chemicals industry, moreover in the segment of "Chemical Process Products" in the Oil and Gas industry in German speaking countries, as well as North, Central and South America, Middle East (Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Sultanate Oman, Yemen).


We look forward to working with you, with products, for your Production purposes or Scientific work. !