A&MC  Marketing Consultancy owner:

has gained his international Management experience with:


The Netherlands: Koninklijke Scholten Honig & AVEBE BA (1971 - 1979) in Veendam

Switzerland: The Dow Chemical Co. ,  The Upjohn Co (1979-1985) in St. Gallen and Zürich

Switzerland: Fluka Chemi, Sigma-Aldriche  (CH: 1985-1995) Group member of Ciba Geigy/Hoffman La Roche in Buchs and Basel

Germany     : St. Gobain - Engineering: Norton Chemical Process Products" (HQ for D-A-CH in Neuss) 

                        Bayer Chemie AG and  Lanxess  AG at HQ Leverkusen and Krefeld (1995- till 2004) 


Since early 1980´s until year to date he is active in the Pharma,- Fine Chemical Business  and also with "Chemical Process Products" in the Oil & Gas Industrie especially in Germany, Austria and Switzerland +  North.-Middle & South America, Middle-East countries, last but not least using his marketing experience in supporting mid size companies in the start up phase for the German speaking area + BeNeLux.


Since 2007 he established his own Consulting company in Germany under the name " A&MC" and advises clients in the Fine Chemical and Pharmaceutical industrie, using his 40 years of International Expertise and networking mainly on the European (*EU*) continent and Middle East (Oil&Gas Industrie).


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